Writing A Script That Will "Stick"

Don’t take it from me! I’m not the decision-maker. However, I interact with them every day. Whether it’s a producer I’m looking to attach to a project, or a studio executive I’m hoping to sell a script to, I’m constantly getting feedback.

  • The most common notes from executives
  • What development executives actually look for when reading original scripts
  • The psychology of the reader and how to win them over.
  • The right (and wrong) approach toward finding representation
  • The truth about screenwriting competitions vs screenwriting programs
  • How to ask for honest feedback on your script and who you should get it from
  • Who should be the first people to read your script and how to find them

The next free webinar date is October 17th at 12:00pm Pacific time

About the teacher - Conrad Sun

When I moved to LA in 2009, like so many others, I wanted to become a filmmaker. I was accepted into the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC Film School where I learned the ropes to the industry and I quickly learned that I wasn’t cut out to be a filmmaker but rather, I discovered a passion I never knew I had;  collaborating with screenwriters. After working as a development executive at a production company for two years, I made the conscious transition to becoming a literary manager at Meridian Artists in 2013, and have been loving it ever since. As the head of the Los Angeles literary division, I devote all my efforts toward working with writers to achieve success in their careers in both staffing and development. Whether it’s selling a screenplay, or procuring a staffing gig, I love working with writers to excel at their craft, and helping them find success as storytellers.