Making It In The Writer's Room

The way into the writer’s room:

Everyone starts somewhere. Of course one of the biggest questions nowadays is how do you get the experience you need to actually do your dream job.

I am sure many of you aspiring writers have this same question. Getting staffed as a writer can be tough, and there are very rarely ‘job postings’ for this type of position – but it’s not impossible.

One way to get the experience you need is to work in a writer’s room as a PA. It might not be your ideal job, but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door and meet professional writers. As you continue to work with them, you will not only learn a lot, but make connections that may take you somewhere eventually. Make sure to have some samples (or be writing something) that eventually you could show to one of the connections you make – you never know who will want to see your stuff.

Another way is to get an agent and have them help you. Of course, you should have a few samples ready by the time you do hire one, so they can see your work and start to try and find you a position.

In this industry, as always, it’s important to network and make friends. Take workshops, attend events, and most important: keep writing. Get your work out there for people to see, and talk to people about your plans. Good luck!