The ScriptBeat Philosophy

If You Build It, They Will Come

If a script is remarkable, it will travel. It’s like an unwritten law in entertainment. If you’re not consistently winning competitions, or constantly being asked for your script, or getting attention from people outside your circle, you have to be humble enough to admit that your script isn’t good enough. There’s been countless times when a script arrives in our inbox from a trusted peer saying “you need to read this” and then you find out later that half the town is already talking about it. That’s the level of remarkable your script needs to be. If it’s anything less than remarkable, it will exist in an ocean of scripts ranging from terrible to great. 

How Do you Write A Remarkable Script?

Whether or not your script becomes a hit is out of your control. That’s like asking a songwriter, “How do you write a hit song?”. If it was under our control, we’d be selling scripts all the time. What IS under our control is knowledge and practice. If you’re consistently working hard at both, you WILL eventually write a remarkable script.

So Where Do I Acquire Knowledge For Screenwriting?

We all know the go-to screenwriting books you need to read - which if you haven’t read them all, WHY NOT? You can hire a script consultant or writing coach if you can afford one. But what’s missing in the landscape of resources for screenwriters is current knowledge from someone who is actually working in the industry. Someone who works with both screenwriters and executives on a day-to-day basis and knows what is selling because he/she just sold a script THAT day. This is where the inspiration for ScriptBeat came from. We can offer a different perspective that books and script coaches otherwise couldn’t. ScriptBeat offers courses, webinars and other resources that are simple to grasp and designed to help you attain that remarkable screenplay.